Thursday, April 10, 2014

What inspires you?

What encourages you to keep going? Is it a person? A pet? A goal? What provides you with inspiration?

Yesterday I got some of my favorite new book titles on perseverance and today my good friend shared this with me! Can you tell it's that time of year we are all trying to find the energy, courage, and determination to make it to summer? I for one I am finding coffee and chocolate a helpful strategy.

I love this video/article for grades 4up. It would be a great discussion question (perhaps in the form of a socratic seminar),  would be perfect for a small group, and I really love the idea of incorporating it into future lessons.

It's the story and video of a boxer who unfortunately had his rear legs amputated. It's inspirational and I love the thought provoking question the article ends with. What a good journal entry for morning meetings, small groups, and more.

Find it here:

Add to your bookshelf

Yesterday the Knox County School Counselors were able to meet and share ideas. I left with lesson plans for weeks. I got so many good ideas, and even left with 2 new books added to my Amazon Wish List. You know I love books!!

The Book:
"The Three Ninja Pigs" by Corey Rosen Schwartz available at Amazon. These three pigs aren't going to let that wolf blow their house down. They are doing to use determination and team work to make sure they are safe. The book is told in rhymes and watch out because one of those rhymes is butt. and Best for grades 3+.

Follow up: The counselor created this cute "Perseverance Pig" color sheet. Student should decorate their pig in a way that represents something they struggle with, but want to persevere and get better at. For example: if a student wants to get better at basketball their pig could wear a jersey and be holding a basketball. If they want to get better at math, he could be holding a calculator and have a math equation on his shirt.

Book: "Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again" by Dave Horowitz also available at Amazon. The story of how Humpty Dumpty looses his confidence after his fall and has to find the courage to put himself back together again.
Best for grades K-2.

Follow up: She created an adorable egg page and asked students to complete the following sentences. I am good at________. I am not the best at___________, but I am doing to keep trying.