Saturday, June 29, 2013

Secrets To A Happier Work Place

I love this Ted Talks on positive psychology. Shawn Achor is not only funny, but there is something about his style that is very approachable.

 My plan is to share with my faculty this year, but I also think it would be fun to share with high school students and then have a socratic seminar about it.

What do you think? Do you love it as much as me?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The power of words, the power of our students.

My Pittie Mix Brooklyn
Today I meet with the Nashville PITTIE team to help brainstorm an upcoming PSA we are shooting about ending discrimination  and the discrimination we face every day. We shared our stories and heartaches. I shared that last week I took my dog to Petsmart where a dog ran up to her and started playing. They were having fun and I started to talk to the doggies dad. After a few mintues he commented on how cute she was and then asked the dreaded question, "what kind of dog is she?" As soon as the words pit bull mix left my mouth he grabbed his dog and ran. Brooklyn looked devastated.  I was heartbroken, her breed had cost her a friend.

When these things happen I want to scream, would you teach your child to discriminate? What would you do if you take your child to the park and soon see that your child has made a new friend? Would you allow them play,  to form a friendship? What if you then found out that child was Jewish or Muslim? Would you grab your child and run?

As the team discussed what we can do to encourage tolerance in our community, a member Jill Foster (an amazing, heroic middle school counselor) whipped out her phone.  She hit play and within a few moments I knew I was going to be in tears.

Here is the video she presented. I encourage you to watch it, discuss it, and share it!!!!

2013 Spread the Word to End the Word Hawkins Middle School Best Buddies

The Hawkins CDC teacher, TA's and students did an awesome job on this video and Jill and I are very proud of them!! Enjoy and spread the word to end the word!!! :-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


What does it take to be successful? I love starting this discussion with my older students at the beginning of the school year or as we start our career discussion.
Here is a great Ted Talks video I use to get my students thinking:

Ted Talks About Bullying

If you have not incorporated Ted Ed into your lesson plans add it to your 2013-2014 bucket list now.
One of my 5th grade teachers shared this Ted Talks with me about bullying. I think it's very powerful.
The best part is there are wonderful discussion questions on the site, a quiz to make sure they were listening, and a dig deeper section which allows the students to explore on their own. I think this will be a great socratic seminar for next year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good Reads!

Have you seen the new issue of the ASCA Scene?
It's all about books! I love books. They are a staple in my counseling program so it's a good thing I am friends with our librarian. This issue got me thinking about counseling books.

Some of my favorite books have come from counseling/psychology specific catalogs:
Images ©  by B. Matthews and Maginition Press
Images ©  by C. Pillo and Magintion Press

......and I am the first one to pick up the latest Julia Cook at the counseling conference...

Images ©  by K. Weerd and Boys Town Press

..but what do you do when you have a tight budget (or no budget) and need a book?

As I was flipping through the magazine I started to think about some of my favorite books, which came from the suggestion of our school librarian. Although my office is FULL of books, I frequent the library and LOVE having Barnes and Noble date nights with her. She can always pull a book for a topic I am working on, and although it wasn't specifically written for a counselor- it works. Also, I love that a book doesn't have to be so obvious, that students can read "between the lines" about the message.

So, I called my best book friends (our librarian, music teacher, art teacher, and one of my favorite parents from school) and off we went to Barnes and Noble for a book date night. Even better the next day I visited with two former colleagues at Parnassus Books in Nashville. The result, a compilation of my favorite books.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Last year I used a tradition bucket for my bucket list.

This year I decided to write down all the things I wanted to do and turn them into a wordlee.