Friday, January 31, 2014

Daydreaming about classroom decor

This weekend I was out and about and wandered into Hobby Lobby where I found these fun finds on clearance. Even on clearance they were well above my price point, but a girl can dream right!
Post-it days of the week cork board.

Chalk board with a calendar on the top and things to do at the bottom.

Metal USA

Alphabet dresser

The perfect display case for a brit.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

National School Counseling Week Link Party!

I love a good party! #NSCW14

To celebrate the National School Counseling Week Party I wanted to share one of my favorite lessons from the year and how I celebrated National School Counseling Week last year.

"The Invisible Boy" has to be on my list of" Top 10 Books Counselors Should Own and Use". I love it!

Check out my lesson plan here and with common core standards here. You can also get the game cards on my TPT store:
Also, check out this video that my music teacher shared with me. It ties in perfectly.

Here's how I celebrated our special week last year.

This week we are celebrating Feb. 3rd-7th! What will you be doing?

Since I am at a new school I might be sneaky and recycle my ideas from last year. I plan on creating these cuties again and doing the trivia contest since students are still getting to know me!

Read more about the National School Counseling Week Party and how you can participate here!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A groundhog is trying to predict my future!

Since Groundhog Day is coming up, I wanted to create a fun, easy lesson for my 1st -3rd graders that incorporated the holiday and some career planning.

My plan is to read "Groundhog Gets A Say" first and then discuss what groundhog does on his day (predict the weather.)
As a follow up I put together this handout/printable where students can brainstorm and predict what their futures look like. For the older grades I left space for them to draw what they will look like in 2025 =)

It's available for FREE on my TPT store.

My paycheck goes to Target.

The dollar bin at Target gets me every time! Here are a few of my new favorite finds.
Pencil holders. One sits at the center of each desk. Easy to transport for small groups too.

My check list. I actually got these for my students. You can laminate them and give to students for "goal setting". I love seeing them inside or better on the top of desks! I also love these for students to check off before they turn things in. It's a great way to write down a check list for ADHD students and for my OCD/Autism kids it's a great way to give them a list of what we are going to do/accomplish/etc.

At my last school we had lots of students (especially those with Autism) that needed directions broken down.  For example, first put your name on the paper, second read directions, third do numbers 1-5, fourth check your answers with your teacher. I went through post it notes like crazy. So I love that these are $1, but also you could laminate and reuse. 

Lovely Bulletin

Check out this cute bulletin board by my former librarian. I love that the hearts have the call # for each book on them. (She's so smart.)

New Year, New School

There is nothing quite like changing schools mid year! Yep, I moved. It's been overwhelming and I am still wrapping my head around it all, but like all good counselors I am just going with it.

So here are pictures of my new office, my lesson plans from my first week, my favorite new classrooms in my new school, and more.

My new office (it's 1/4 the size of my old office) and new classroom (I share with art!):

My dog bowls for crayons and my Target pencil holders.

Since I share the room with art, there is a special objectives section on the dry erase board. This way I can write our objectives on my days and it's easy to clear for the art teachers.
My office. I used a dog treat jar for candy. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More books than Barnes and Noble

I finally found a spare minute to update my list of books on Good Reads!
So…if you are looking for a good book to add to your guidance lessons, read with a small group, or to share with an individual student I would encourage you to check out my list here!

Happy reading.

Awards and Certificates galore

Each month I give my Top Dogs (student's nominated for demonstrating the character education trait of the month) a certificate. At my previous school (yep previous- more info. to come) we used the Core Essentials program. One thing that makes this program great is that a lot of the work is done for you. Their program comes with outlined daily announcements, monthly scripts, newsletters for parents and teacher, lessons plans, posters and more.

Poster of the character traits for each month

Although I only used parts (for example we incorporated the character education words and not always the color and animal that they put with it) it was a great program. Probably one of my favorite things was the fact they provided us certificates ready made each month along with a local partnership with Lanes Trains and Automobiles and Chik Fil A to give these students a reward as well.

March Newsletter for Parents
So when I moved schools I was sad to see this resource go. So I started searching for my favorite FREE certificate maker online.  I haven't found the perfect maker yet, but I have found a few good ones:

Lake Shore Learning:
The award maker at this website allows you to choose from a variety of cute awards and type directly into the certificate. It's super easy, you can print right away without a download, and they have several to choose from. What I don't love it the designs, they are great for elementary school (not middle or high) and I wish there were a few more options (but beggars can't be choosers right.)

Certificate Magic: These certificates are just too funny. My first thought was oh I wish I was at my old school because I would give some of my friends the certificate for looking busy! They would have had a good laugh. I do love the Golden Lunchbox award as well. I think it would be super fun to give students who participate in Mix It Up Day, show random acts of kindness at lunch, or demonstrate amazing lunch room behavior. It's a cute award you can easily personalize.