Monday, January 27, 2014

My paycheck goes to Target.

The dollar bin at Target gets me every time! Here are a few of my new favorite finds.
Pencil holders. One sits at the center of each desk. Easy to transport for small groups too.

My check list. I actually got these for my students. You can laminate them and give to students for "goal setting". I love seeing them inside or better on the top of desks! I also love these for students to check off before they turn things in. It's a great way to write down a check list for ADHD students and for my OCD/Autism kids it's a great way to give them a list of what we are going to do/accomplish/etc.

At my last school we had lots of students (especially those with Autism) that needed directions broken down.  For example, first put your name on the paper, second read directions, third do numbers 1-5, fourth check your answers with your teacher. I went through post it notes like crazy. So I love that these are $1, but also you could laminate and reuse. 

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