Saturday, June 8, 2013

Good Reads!

Have you seen the new issue of the ASCA Scene?
It's all about books! I love books. They are a staple in my counseling program so it's a good thing I am friends with our librarian. This issue got me thinking about counseling books.

Some of my favorite books have come from counseling/psychology specific catalogs:
Images ©  by B. Matthews and Maginition Press
Images ©  by C. Pillo and Magintion Press

......and I am the first one to pick up the latest Julia Cook at the counseling conference...

Images ©  by K. Weerd and Boys Town Press

..but what do you do when you have a tight budget (or no budget) and need a book?

As I was flipping through the magazine I started to think about some of my favorite books, which came from the suggestion of our school librarian. Although my office is FULL of books, I frequent the library and LOVE having Barnes and Noble date nights with her. She can always pull a book for a topic I am working on, and although it wasn't specifically written for a counselor- it works. Also, I love that a book doesn't have to be so obvious, that students can read "between the lines" about the message.

So, I called my best book friends (our librarian, music teacher, art teacher, and one of my favorite parents from school) and off we went to Barnes and Noble for a book date night. Even better the next day I visited with two former colleagues at Parnassus Books in Nashville. The result, a compilation of my favorite books.

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I decided if I used my blog to write up all the books I use, want to use, and like that it would take one LONG entry or become to total focus of my blog. So instead I decided to join GoodReads!

GoodReads lets you create your own virtual "bookshelf," join book discussions, rate books, share titles with friends, and enter contests to win free books. I really like that you can see what other people thought about the book, this comes in handy when recommending titles for parents!

 I created my own counseling shelf for you by topic, here is a sample:

Barks and Giggles- Just for fun books
Best Pups- Books on friendship
Career Pup- Books to use during career week
Good K9 Citizen- Books that encourage good citizenship and cover my Top Dog Characteristics
Clean Pup- Books on health and nutrition
Doggone Divorce- Book about divorce
Fluffy Feelings- Books about emotions
Graduating Puppy School- End of the year and graduation books
Growing Pack- books about a new sibling/addition to the family
Growls- Books on anger
Head Held High- Books for self esteem
Healthy Pup
If you Give A Dog  A Bone- Books on consequences and cause/effect
Leaders of the Pack- Books that encourage leadership
Middle and High School
Mrs. Manners- Books to encourage good manners and social skills
New Dog House- Books about moving
Pre K Pups- books for the little ones
Puppy Pride- Books about courage
Selfish Pup- Books about sharing 
Shake- Books to use for icebreaker activities
Small Pack Books- Books to use for small groups
Starting Puppy School- Books for the start of school
That's My Bone- Books for bullying
Top Dogs- Books for Parents

For each book I tried to write a small blurb about how I have used the book and what my lesson looked like. 

I have already added over 120 titles for you to use next year, but I'll keep updating my books throughout the year so check out my book shelf and share your own thoughts!

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