Sunday, October 21, 2012

Can your body language determine how you feel?

Today I did a Socratic Seminar on body language. I asked the students three questions:

Can your body language change how you feel?
Can changing your body language give you more pride?
How does body language impact bullying?

The topic of body language has come up a lot not in my recent dog training. The Doggie Lama has given many good words of wisdom about believing what I say and not just changing my tone of voice. In essence just because I say it with a deeper, louder tone doesn't mean Brooklyn is going to respond unless I mean it; unless I set the expectation that I won't accept anything less than what I want.

I've been trying to practice this with her, so I have been trying to silently think about what I want and then say it with purpose. Todd can give commands with a simple whisper, I am not even close to that, but I am working on it. The idea that if you truly believe in what you are saying, your body language will change, your posture will change, and thus increasing the likely hood that your expectations are going to be met (thus increasing your pride) is a complex one that I threw at my sixth graders, but it was amazing.

I loved how they brought it back to bullying. That telling a bully to stop was much more likely to be successful if you meant it, and didn't just say the words, because a real bully could read your body language. What do you think? What impact does body language have on your life? How does it shape who you are?

Here is the Ted Talk that we did our seminar around:

This is Brooklyn sitting outside. I didn't tell her to stay I just gave her the "I mean it look!" and it worked =)

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