Monday, August 26, 2013

Top Dog Classrooms

Slowly, but surely I am trying to take pictures of my favorite classrooms. I have an old Kodak EasyShare so sorry about the quality.

My office is coming along.

My quote board.

Where in the world is Flat Stouie?

My board. The start chart is for behavior.

Noise level expectations.

End the "Do we need? Can we use?" questions. 

Special area behavior chart. Each class earns a score at the end of each class. When they get 5 5's they get a special treat.
 These are from a first grade classroom. It's dog themed as well so of course I love it.
In the hallway. Great for me when I go to get a student and the class is gone.

An easy way to display work in the hallway. The bag stays up all year and you can easily slide papers in and out. No staples!

Standards listed by the work.

Special area schedule. Visual schedules are a must.

Adorable bulletin board to show off work.

First Grade Expectations are listed on the wall.

Parts of speech.

Gracie the class pet. She gets to go home with one student each week for a sleep over and they keep a journal of her adventures.

Great teacher appreciation gift.

Reading corner. How comfortable. 

Love this!

Adorable name tags.

I LOVE the bottom of the restroom signs.

What a cute behavior reward. The class earns a letter (hang man style) that spells out their reward. This would fun to have a surprise reward.

Each table in the room is a different dog breed. Each table/dog pack earns points for a reward.

I want this!!!

A Daily Organization Guide for students. I adore this. I am begging her to get it  all on TPT, but for now you can buy her cover here

Genius. Inside is a library pocket that sticks in to hold a students individual punch card.

D.O.G binder- perfect for all grades.

Great way to keep track of all money that comes in and out.

Monthly calendar. Each color represents the students behavior that day. Great communication with parents.

Organization rules. 

This is at the front and explains what's in the binder, what the colors mean, etc.

There is also a daily schedule, this is a perfect way/place to have a visual schedule.

The teachers contact information for parents.

Students reading log is also in the binder. It's really a one stop shop.

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