Sunday, September 1, 2013

More of my favorite classrooms!

Today's favorite classroom is actually our music room. Our music teacher used to be our technology teacher, so it seems fitting her theme is one trendy game; Angry Birds.

Here's a peak at her room:
This is her "cool down" spot. I love that she re-named it to the "Restart Station." You may recall this from our special area behavior plan from this year. This is the spot where students go to complete their behavior reflection charts.  One of my favorite aspects if that she has a sign with the 3 B's (Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe) here with a prompt on what to do so she doesn't have turn her attention away from the rest of the class.

Angry Bird lanterns.

Our 3 B's.

A simple explanation of our special area behavior plan.

How cool is this! I love the way she put up her chart. It makes hanging mine up near the board look very boring. 

Clip up chart (we use for the entire class.)

Note Worthy Words- I love that she is always connecting music to vocabulary,  math, science, social skills and more.

Goals/Learning Expectations for each grade.

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