Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Favorite Book and Activity Guide

Thanks to my favorite librarians I found my favorite new book! "Pirate, Viking & Scientist" by Jared Chapman is so adorable, funny, informative, and well so much more. It's the story of Scientist who is friends with Viking. He's also friends with Pirate, but Pirate and Viking are not friends. What is a Scientist to do? Hysterical experiments to bring his friends together of course!

I am in the special area rotation 2 days a week and my classes are 45 minutes. So you can stretch reading this book out for 45 minutes, but I also shortened it and did this lesson using technology into 20 minutes.  

I created a 24 page activity guide that's in my TPT store and having a 15% off sale for #NSCW15. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Here's what included: This activity pack is to be used in conjunction with the book "Pirate, Viking & Scientist" by Jared Chapman. It includes two pages of lesson ideas, a list of CCSS Standards met, ASCA and TN State School Counseling Standards met, 7 versions of Venn Diagrams, 34 vocabulary cards, a before reading, a during reading, and after reading worksheet, a formula for friendship worksheet, angry feeling ranking cards with 4 different variations to help differentiate for your learners.

I would also suggest these two awesome TPT finds to go along with this book:

Extend the conversation by tying in career awareness with this "What Does A Scientist Do?" adorable packet from Creating With Crayolas.  I love the idea of using this as a follow up lesson to the book. It's a great way to talk about how scientists solve problems and how all of the students are scientists because they are always solving problems with friends.

Working on more ELA standards? Use this adorable Story Map Packet by Nicole Baranov.  It's an adorable way to extend the discussion, but would also be super fun to encourage teachers to download so they can use it in their room. It would be a great collaboration. 

If you want a shorter version or are using technology here's what I did:

 We read the book at a faster pace and then I made a quick Kahoot.  Here is the short 5 question game I created for my 1st-2nd graders: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/bfd759d6-9c46-4868-8cb9-b6f040742e80
We used the librarians iPads to play and they loved it!!!

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