Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lessons for November- friends, safety, empathy, decision making, thankfulness, and bullying!

It's almost time for Thanksgiving break!!!!! Until then, here is a little about the fun we are having in class..

We are talking about being a good friend.

Intro: We started out by reading "Let's Be Friends" on BookFlix.

Next, we watched "Rainbow Fish" on Storyline Online to talk about how good friends put others first and share. 

The class shared examples of good friendship skills that I wrote on starfish and fish.  To end each student decorated his/her own rainbow fish that we put on our bulletin board: "We are all friends in our school" (get it school haha!) 

Need more: Check out the word match on Book Flix:

1st Grade: Our character education word of the month is citizenship. We are reading "Michael, Recycle!" This is such a cute rhyming book and it has a lot of big vocabulary words for 1st grade, like crusader! 
In the past I have used this amazing Rhyme, Define, Rhyme pack by Speech Snacks I found on TPT.
I really like it, but I think its too hard for 1st grade. I would definitely use it for 2nd or 3rd. If your students are up for the challenge there are rhyming cards in the TPT pack- you could hand them out to each child and them find the partner whose card rhymes with theirs. There are also some great discussion cards you could play Quiz Quiz Trade with. 

First, we read and slowly discuss the book. I let the students turn and talk and share their ideas and answer questions. Then at the end the students draw what they would do at school if we had a "Be Greener Campaign." 

2nd Grade-
We are talking about personal safety. We read "Scoop" by Julia Cook and acted out the "Scoop Rules"
S- Be smart- point to head 
C- Use a call list- pretend to talk on the phone
O- zerO talking- make a big 0 with their finger
O- Keep people Out of your personal space- put your hand up like a stop sign
P- Pair up- clap hands together

At the end of the story we had the students write down what the letters in SCOOP stood for to take home and share. The book also includes a "note to parents and tips for parents written by Don Wood, founder of Child Watch of North America" ( I copy the note to send home as well. 

My students were so engaged we had time to watch "The Safe Side." My kids love this video and there are a ton resources online- like the teacher guide and home guides and activities . Get the entire school pack here. 

3rd Grade- We are talking about making good choices. The counselor before me used this fun book by Judge Judy!!
My 3rd graders are an active bunch and I needed a way to tie in the use of technology so, I made the book into a Kahoot! I borrowed iPads from the librarian and the kids had a blast. Play it here!
What I love about Kahoot! is that you can download all of the responses so you get instant data! 

4th Grade- We are learning about empathy and needs vs. wants. 
We are reading "Those Shoes" which is a great mentor text and as we read using this great packet I found on TPT.  

Need a follow up? Check out this lesson I did with real shoes and also
check out this book:

5th Grade- We started the "Weird" book series. My kids were SO into this book. They made so many personal connections, observations, and predictions. I am not kidding that we spent over 30 minutes reading and discussing this book. 

With our few remaining moments I had them complete one portion of our bully triangle.  It's from the "Stand Up Against Bullies: Grades 3-5" work book by Marco Products.

Since each book is written from a different point of view- I am having them fill in the triangle based on the point of view from the main character. So this month we read "Weird" and we filled out the "target" section. Next month, we will read "Dare" and fill out the "bystander" section. Last, we will read "Tough" and fill out the bully section. 

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