Friday, February 19, 2016

Grrr...growls and snarls and anger resources

One thing I love about my county is that once a month we all get together and share our resources! This month we talked about anger! Here are some highlights and our counselors favorite resources:


When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry

The Grouchies

Angry Arthur-

Conflict Resolution Activities that Work- Lots of great role play activities on conflict resolution.

Potter Pig In Control- great for K-3.

How To Stop Before You Pop- great for grades 3-5.

Groups To Go- a great Marco product for small groups.

Websites this is a great tool for parents, teachers and students.  The articles  have re aloud options and even re aloud in Spanish option.

Missouri Career Education- a good resource for lesson plans especially for small groups.

Brain Pop- great videos, activities, and surveys (for your data) on anger.

Kelly Bear- tips for students and teachers.

The Do's and Don'ts of Teaching Children Anger- great article by Huffington Post




Take control of your anger- label the xbox controller with different calming strategies like 5 Star Breathing.

Calm down box-
Fill with pinwheels, bubbles, gel ice packs, play dough, fuzzy blanket pieces, sand paper, bubble wrap, pool noodle cut in pieces, rubix cube, sponge ball or stress ball.

Read about my cool down party favor bags here. 

Beach ball game- write different statements/calming activities on the ball. Toss back and forth and where ever your thumb lands you have to do the activity. For example: share a time you got angry, sing your favorite song, tell a funny moment in your life, take 3 deep breaths.

The Anger M and M Game from the Savvy School Counselor.
Anger thermometers- These are a great visual. You can find tons online like here and here

Identifying how anger makes you feel and angry thoughts- check out this activity page. 

Changing seasons- have the students write or draw the signs that the seasons are changing. Then ask them to write or draw the signs that they are getting angry.

What Pushes Your Buttons-
This is a great FREE download on TPT.

Use this is a survey for your students or put each idea on an index card and have use the 5 Scale to sort what the ideas make them the least to most angry or what they can handle to what makes them feel out of control.

Sensory bottles- check out this explanation on how to make over 5 different types of bottles.

Read more about helping students with anger here. 

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