Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Books galore

This holiday weekend I got lost in a sea of heaven- aka I went to a bookstore. Union Street books on Market Square is my dream. I want to own a small book store like Union Books one day, but until then I'll draw attention to myself walking around taking pictures of books and sitting in the kids section reading (no wonder I'm single!).

Here were some books that got added to my summer reading list (I need a 2 month extension on summer):

This book is going to on my "to buy" list because it would be a great way to introduce choice theory or the connection between feelings, thoughts, and actions. It'll partner perfectly with the Counselor Keri Interactive Notebook. 

I mean what parent can't relate to this! I know I can (see embarrassing pictures of how I slept last night below):

It's like Page Six in a book!
I loved Girl On A Train and Gone Girl, so I am pretty sure it's a given I'll love this too.
Synopsis thanks to Google: A father coming to terms with his divorce and custody battle and his new life with his boys. I am intrigued.
Named one of the 9 Most Addictive Books of 2017 (So Far) by Kirkus, a Happily Ever After read by USA Today, and one of Entertainment Weekly's Best New Books. - Wow that's an impressive amount of peer pressure to read this book.
Award winning author of Brown Girl Dreaming, Jacqueline Woodson is one of the best YA adult authors of our time (in this bloggers opinion). I bet you already own her book Each Kindness (no you don't- stop reading for a second and get it here.) "The book was written as an adult book, unlike many of the author's previous books and titles. NPR wrote that the book was "full of dreams and danger."
I am a former dancer so enough said!
Plus it's a graphic novel! "Mood swings"- oh Josephine I feel ya!
Adding this to back to school reading list! 
A little golden gem. 
Synopsis (thanks Google) "This debut novel from US cartoonist Terri Libenson follows two girls who could not seem more different: shy, observant, wallflower Emmie; and loud, popular, cheery Katie. What both girls do have in common are their strong feelings for the same boy, Tyler Ross. Then Emmie's very private, very embarrassing scribbles fall into the wrong hands ." I mean what YA can't relate to this! I remember losing too many notes, because they were folded into tight little envelopes and thus tiny. I didn't need my crush to know that we are getting married- yes huh MASH said so- sheesh. 
I am that adult that watches "Pretty Little Liars" and "Riverdale" proudly.  So when EW.com described it as  “Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club” I knew I was in.
I am sucker for books about unexpected friendships!
Did you know I love children's books? I know right?! Well here's some even more shocking news- I like dogs too. Ok kidding aside, I can't wait to get my hands on a book about John Newberry and the birth of children's books.
I've seen this book floating around Instagram and FB a lot lately. I wish I was a classroom teacher so I could host a shark week like Mrs. Lemons from  Step Into 2nd Grade or even partner this book with some cool STEM activities .
Jackie O- enough said.
How fun would it be to do a book tasting with this book and then ask students to create a story about "how to be a super student?"
The original is a favorite among my ELL students so this is also on my must buy list. Maybe we can read it and then take a siesta.
Enjoy friends:

Such an inspiring young lady. #i'mwithher.
Available: A Memoir of Heartache, Hookups, Love and Brunch -  yep I could throw in a chapter or two. Perhaps I could collaborate with the author on a sequel!  
I mean does this even need a caption.

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