Friday, June 30, 2017

Help I'm overwhelmed by TPT!

Do you ever feel this way? I do! In fact sometimes when I go back through my purchases to find something I find 20 other things I forgot I had purchased. So I thought I'd share my favorite purchases from TPT- the purchases I use the most and of course the books I'd pair with them.

I used this game by The Middle School Counselor at lot at the end of the year to prepare for a very special visit from the STEM Scouts. It was so much fun.  I actually paired with some Extreme Science books from True Flix

I partnered and mixed and matched these two packets for my divorce groups at the end of the year. It was perfect because I could really cater the needs of each group with various activities from each. 

Here are my favorite books to pair the activities with:

If you haven't read my blog about the attendance small groups my intern and I ran this year,  you should. They were exceptional and I have a detailed list of all the books we used.

 I use this activity book often and these worry cards were perfect for my students, especially my boys, as a reminder of strategies in between sessions.

I used this for every 3rd grade lesson I had this year! Each month we would read a book related to the lesson and then add a next section of our notebook. You can find the entire book list on my yearly scope and sequence here. 

I used these sheets a lot this year. With 900 students you have to be brief and solution focused. I highly suggest getting this packet for use with your individual students.

I started my own version of this activity this year. We have Cosmo our Career Canine and he goes home with students that have shown great behavior in guidance class.

This has been a fun icebreaker for my small groups.

Each month 6 students  get a special award for great behavior in class. I have printed out hundreds of these. 

I used these brochures a lot this year, because we had such an influx of new students. I love to partner it with Dog Gone School which is a super cute book and fun way to ask students what they like and dislike about school.

I have a stash of these slips in my office because I use this FREEBIE so often with individual students and then I use them again in class lessons. 
There are so many books on conflict resolution  but this year I partnered it with these great titles all available on

I have a LOT of activities for the Do Unto Otters book which is available on Book Flix. This is one I use often and the best part is it's FREE.

Who doesn't love this classic tattling book:

I know I use it all the time and I have many activities to go with it. If you are looking for a great  FREEBIE activity to use I suggest this one. It's perfect for a game of Quiz-Quiz Trade.

I have this hanging in my office  and I use with thousands of times a day. My kids know I'm going to ask have them check in and talk about how we can move up the scale or what's different that has helped us get higher. Thank you Stylish School Counselor for this FREEBIE.

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