Friday, May 3, 2013

My new favorite books

The first book is comprised of only one word and yet with turn of each page I found myself laughing or saying "awww."

Ball [Hardcover]Mary Sullivan 

I love this book for helping students learn about tone of voice and interpretation. So many times I'll hear  "well I said I was sorry" or with girls "I said her shirt looked interesting" but their tone conveys nothing but sarcasm.  While the dog only barks one word, each time it's said it with a new tone, has a new meaning, and says so much. What a great book for a lesson on the power of our words.

The World Belongs to You [Hardcover]

Riccardo Bozzi Olimpia Zagnoli 
The next one I picked up I instantly said "every counselor needs this book."

Just using shapes, it's a gentle story that has a strong message. That we have freedoms, we are free to dream, free to enjoy life, but with that freedom comes responsibility.

Ok stop reading to shopping =)

Update: I have joined GoodReads, which lets you create your own virtual "bookshelf," join book discussions, rate books, share titles with friends, and enter contests to win free books. I really like that you can see what other people thought about the book, this comes in handy when recommending titles for parents! I have already added over 120 of my favorite books to this my book shelf. So follow me on GoodReads and keep updated on my favorite new titles!

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