Friday, May 17, 2013

Bucket List Check In

Today I was reminded of my bucket list I did last summer and my goals for this school year.
Here were the goals I set for myself and here's how we did :

1) Use the Smart Board for at least five lessons this year.  Check and check. I used the Smart Board a lot this year and I loved it. My new room (pictures and more info coming soon) doesn't have a board so my goal for next year is to get one!

 2) Collaborate with my peers to team teach at least five times. If you follow my blog you know I love team teaching. I am not sure it was five, but we sure did team teach a lot. I did my first few lessons with Mrs. Svarda so the downside has been sometimes they ask me how to check out books. The plus side is I get to see the kids more and I get to show my peers just how important my curriculum can be.

 3) Gather more data.  Don't only did I do it, but I blogged about it. This summer the counselors and I are hoping to work on an App and create a new way of gathering daily data with ease. (good luck right)

  4) Advocate and explain my position. We did it! Several of the cities counselors and I presented our roles to all of the principals and superintended. The result: my new classroom, a counselor's paradise. Here is the Prezi I created for our presentation:

    5) Attend the state counseling conference. I got to attend the TN Counseling and Administrators conference where I got to get my tech on.

    6)  Have at least one parent workshop every month. Not only did I do one, some months we had two. Here is a recap of some of our favorites.  
     7)  Have monthly BIONIC meetings and don't reschedule them! I was going strong for a while, but TCAP got me off track. My new goal, stay strong after testing is done.

       8)  Attend at least 75% of our school's data meetings. Luckily there were no major crisis on a Monday (knock on wood) and I have been able to attend all. My next goal, understand the data lingo more =P

       9)  Update my blog monthly! Other than a short break due to a house debacle I think I did this. This next school year I would like to make this blog bigger and better. Include new ideas and develop my teachers pay teachers store.

       10) Take members of Student Council to the Family Learning Center to help tutor younger students two times.  Fail, the former director moved to another school and well I just failed. We did start up a project to encourage summer reading and writing so that was a win. 

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