Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A bird, A squirrel, No ADHD and the perfect book!

Each year I find myself thinking of ways to talk to students about ADHD and Autism. We have many students with these diagnosis and I think it's important to educate their peers. I have found that the classrooms with the most lack of knowledge are the ones that have the most bullying and vice versa. So when I (well really Mrs. Shepherd our music teacher) found these books I almost screamed. They are perfect!

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They are a fun, adorable way to help others understand what each syndrome looks like. I also think they would be good to use with students with a recent diagnosis understand and deal with the news.
I really can't wait to use them next year, so I bought them immediately.

When I was getting the images off Amazon, I found this third book!

 I am going to go broke. Thank goodness Barnes and Noble gives teachers a 20% off discount.

I want this one!
Don't forget to check out all my favorite books at Good Reads!

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