Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classroom Before and Afters

After 3 years of pleading, begging, bargaining, proving, and persuading I finally got an entire classroom to call my office. My principal told me I had really grown into it, which I think is proof that I have a school wide program that is catching some attention.

Although it's not done yet, it's getting there so I'll share a few pictures of my room, some inspiration behind it, and rooms I admire and have admired from my years at my school.

My office last year was an old electrical closet. Here are two pictures from it. It was dark, and you only had room to take about six steps to get from end to end.
This was a book case, I covered half in fabric so you couldn't see the clutter.

Then I moved to this room:
The room was an old conference room

Conference/storage room haha.

There was lots of seating for presentations, but it took up most of the space. There was also lots of oversized old office furniture. 

Great cubby space.

It's getting a little messy.
 The After:

My bulletin boards. The one on the left is for student council news and the world is our Flat Stouie Adventures.

The board on the right is for BIONIC news.

I have a designated small pack (group) area and I used the board next to it to have our "rules." The frames were only $2 at Michaels and I just painted them.

The view when you walk in. The art work was actually created by my students.

I used dog bowls for crayons placed on the table for sharing.

Only $1 at Target!!!!

Using the old book shelf to display my games, etc. in my "play therapy" area. I haven't quite finished this yet. Every time I put something on, Brooklyn my helper pulled it off to play with it.

A reward station for my new behavior plan which will allow students to go shopping with the points they have earned.

My reading nook/calm down spot.

The calm down spot. I used one side of the rolling book shelf to create a "cool down" work center. It has books on anger, calm down activities, work books, social stories, and below are tubs with bubbles, play dough, etc

Angry bird cool down strategies.

The cool down spot.

The other side of the book shelf is for my "Top Dog" books. Each month I will highlight books that are about our character education trait of the month. For now it has all my favorite dog books.

My reading area for students to sit and read with me during individual work or after they have finished work during classroom guidance lessons.

I pushed the tables together so they took up less room. This is where I will do my large guidance lessons.

My sofa in front of my desk for parents to sit in when they visit. This is my favorite blanket ever. It's from Target and I wish I had bought 10 more!! If I can ever find it again, I will. The pillow on the left is from Fuzzy Nation.
Behind my desk I am creating a "Say What" board that I total stole from another teacher Claire. She posted all the funny things they kids said all year. They could also post as well. I have always wanted a quote board. 

My Brooklyn statue.

My office supplies. I used the old curtains from the other room to cover up the shelves that are packed with binders.

I have been using treat jars to store my office supplies.

Love this dog from Target.

Office supplies.

I want to make room for a magnetic board. Here is the one from Claire's room. It was huge I was jealous.

More pictures and updates to come.


  1. Where did you get your Angry Birds posters? Those are adorable!

  2. Found them on Pinterest!