Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fun Finds- Books and Games

It's Spring Break and doesn't everyone go shopping for school on their week off? I happened to be in Tuesday Morning this week and found a few fun things.

A story about pirates that get caught and as part of their sentence they must "do a good deed."  The pirates try to do good deeds like eating all of a grandmas cookies in her bakery so she can go home and sleep, but she gets angry at them. They can't figure out how to do a good deed. In the end another set of pirates come and they unwittingly save the day. I enjoyed the book, but I didn't buy it because I was so unsure of the very last past. The pirates decide they are better at 'pirating' than at 'do gooding'.  I didn't love that they never had their 'ah ha' moment and realized the importance of the random acts of kindness. However, it would be a fun book to read if you are doing a random acts of kindness lesson or week.

This is a cute book about two dogs that want to be the best which leads to a lot of competition between them. The competition drives a wedge between friends, who ultimately they learn to work together.  For $5 this was a good book to add to my collection.

I found this responsibility chart, that would be great for parents but I think for teacher or special ed teacher Pre-K through K as well. You could use board maker to make little stickers/pictures to create a big schedule board in the classroom that's easy to change and rearrange. It could also be used to help students with autism visualize their responsibilities in the classroom and a good visual reward system.

I love this book, so a matching/bingo/dominoes game seems like  perfect fit for school libraries and classrooms.

A Jr. version of charades, this would be fun to use as an icebreaker and then incorporate different social situations.

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