Thursday, May 8, 2014

Treat Yo Self

It's my birthday (and also the last day of testing which is a birthday treat all in itself)! I must admit I am terrible about surfing the web and day dreaming about all the things I would by for myself from a custom dog necklace to office supplies for next year.

My amazing friend Chandra Verbic, owner of C Jayne Teach, must have known I am on a decorating/organizing kick because she just introduced a new line of teacher supplies for next year. Here are just a few reasons why it's amazing:

1) It's cheerful. Even on those awful, terrible, no good, very bad days just looking at her mugs, planners, and notepads will cheer you up. It's impossible to be grouchy around these colors.

2) I am a firm believer in a good morning for our students. As I am asked to tackle behavior more and more I almost always start by looking at a students schedule and morning routine. What are the procedures for morning arrival? Are they arriving to classroom with simple, organized directions for starting the day or do they walk into a free for all? So when she sent me this picture of her new morning tray, I literarily lit up. What a fun way to organize papers, but also help students get in smooth routine for a good morning. I LOVE IT.

3) Customer input is really valued. I love that Chandra really listens to her customers and uses their input as she designs new items. Her "Teacher Anchor" was already top notch, but she has made some wonderful updates based on what teachers think.

4) It's impossible not to be inspired. You know those blissful moments as you are setting up your classroom/office for the start of a new school year when you feel that itch to reorganize, try a new layout, purge through books and papers to minimize? I love it, it's a fresh start. What I love about C Jayne Teach is that I always feel inspired to organize my life. Don't believe me? Follow her on Instagram and see if you don't get that itch within a week.

5) It's the perfect time to buy! Feel free to pick up a desk pad or pep talk mug and send it my way for my birthday =) Better yet share her site with friends and family so they know what to get you this birthday, pin it on Pinterest on your "gift ideas" or "teacher appreciation" board as a subtle hint for any parents that are following you, or share some of your favorite items with your PTA, administration, or school counselor as ideas for the perfect teacher appreciation gift.

And the new teacher anchor is live!!!! Go ahead and treat yo self! #cjayneteachshop

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  1. Thank you so much for these nice things about my lil shop. You are such a great friend and it means the world to me that you love it! xoxo