Thursday, May 29, 2014

TRIVIA: What do my 11 year old dog and my 95 year old Grandmother have in common?

ANSWER: Neither of them likes to be woken up from a nap, and they WILL growl at you if you do! ****

The difference? Gran can verbally tell me what she doesn't like, but Beau has to use his body language.  9 times out of 10, the dog attempts communication before a reaction. Are you aware of the signs? You can prevent unwanted behavior! PLEASE read the article and SHARE to your friends and family; paying attention to these simple signs and following proper supervision around children can prevent bites and making a tough decision regarding your pets.

(**** Please note I only wish I was this funny. Hilarity stolen from EAST CAN).

I actually had a call from a parent this year asking if I could counsel her child, because family members had started to point out how mean she was being towards the dog (i.e. shoving his head through the railings on the stairs and pulling his tail.) She wondered if she was depressed or angry about something and could I get it out of her? After a lengthy talk I gently asked what she was doing to protect the dog. "Oh he's small" was the response. So after a deep sigh I reminded the mom that big or small a dog didn't deserve to be hurt or mistreated. Also, if she thought it was ok to do to her dog, what would her daughter do if she went to a friends house and pulled the tail of a 70 lb. dog? I literally sent home 5 workbooks for the family to do together about proper dog safety thanks to the AKC.This is why I am passionate about dog safety education being in our schools!

Read more about important dog safety here!

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