Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My bookshelf is overflowing.

I love my friends but they are trouble! I wanted to show them McKays and somehow I left with 30 books. Guess my resolution to stop buying books for school didn't last long. On the plus side I got some of my favs like "Nighttime Ninja" and two animal photography books all for $27. I have got to stop hanging out with librarians!!

My most expensive purchase was a $5.75 hardback copy of "Dog Heaven". Totally worth it though as I feel you can't ever have too many grief books. 

I found some great character education books like "I Am A  Leader" and "I Can Be Fair" for 25 cents.

I adore "Nighttime Ninja" so when I got it for $1.25 I was thrilled. It's sneaky and fun because it's a great mystery. I love that you can guess and come up with tons of ideas of what the nighttime ninja is doing. My plan is to use this as an icebreaker this year. After I introduce the book we will brainstorm/chart our guesses as to the nighttime ninja's mission. After reading it we can re-read and see if there were any clues we missed. Then students will create their own nighttime ninja doing something they did over the summer. We will then guess what each person did.

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On another note (yep my ADHD just kicked in) I just got these business cards ready for the ASCA Conference. What do you guys think?

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