Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teacher Organizers Aren't Just For Teachers

Thanks to my friend Chandra over at C Jayne Teach I am getting organized for the new year. My new Teacher Anchor just arrived and I am thrilled. #cjayneteach #teacheranchor

Here's how I am using mine (sorry the pics are blurry my camera phone just couldn't do the Anchor justice):

Connecting our curriculum to Common Core Standards seems to be a reoccurring theme at conferences and meetings I attend. I love that all the standards for K-3 are included in this planner and you can get the standards for other grades on her website. These easy sheets allow me to write down when I taught those standards, which will be easy to fill in as I write my lesson plans and then can use as part of my evaluation at the end of the year.
This fantastic page is at the end of each Common Core section and allows me to write down what lesson I did to meet standards. For example: 5th Grade- Socratic Seminar on fear or 3rd Grade- "Invisible Boy" lesson on friendship (see standards it met here.)

Instead of subjects I broke down my sections into the different parts of my program, including; Individual, Groups, Classroom Guidance,  Program Planning, and Other. Under other I will write down meetings, IEP/ 504 planning, parent conferences, collaborations, etc. 

I love that each day I can write down students I need to see or walk in.  

We are required to turn in a form about how many hours we taught classes, spent in meetings, saw students, and had parent contact.  This will be an easy way to calculate that data each day/week and then very easy to put into a semester form. 
I had to buy new flairs to go with my new Anchor. I also added tabs including these: Important Info./Logs, Yearly Planner, Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner, Substitute Section, and Common Core Checklist. 
The yearly planner allows me to plan out my year in advance. I used my new flair pens to color code my year blue for  class lesson themes, green for parent workshop ideas, purple is our character education word of the month, black is for special events, etc.

The monthly calendar is great. Chandra has great stickers that allow me to fill in the months in advance. The orange sticker here is for early dismissal. Also the top of each month has a pep talk and since I don't get to see her in the hallways everyday I love that she's still with me. 

She has also included a monthly things to do list (TTD) for each month. This should save me some post it notes =) 

Chandra also included a simply easy form to track parent contact which is perfect for me as I also have to have so many hours of parent contact. There are two pages one for each semester.

Watch this to get an in-depth look at the Teacher Anchor, read more about it here, and then get your own here!

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