Saturday, July 26, 2014


Some time ago I pinned this cute doggie birthday party idea. I am excited to mix it up and make it part of my program this year.

Adopt-A-Pet Program:

When a student is going through a very rough time (perhaps they have lost a close loved one, had an extended illness, had a fire at home, etc.) I will invite them to my office to adopt a pet. At first I was going to do all dogs, but here's a secret I adore cats too (shhh don't tell Brooklyn.)

I'll let the student pick out a dog, fill out an 'adoption certificate' and give them a  sheet on being a responsible pet parent. Hopefully it will brighten their day.

I got the basket at home goods, which I adore. The "pets" came from my local Good Will. I got 23 stuffed animals for $7!! Thank you Good Will!!

What do you think?

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