Tuesday, July 22, 2014


You know I love office decor and organization. I day dream of my next job being a classroom consultant/designer. If I did ever get to live that dream job I would partner with the AMAZING Angela Bunyi! Her combination of a little OCD and more energy than my Brooklyn, means that every year she creates the perfect classroom. So here is a little sneak peak (because I keep begging  her for more pictures) of her brilliant nautical themed room:

I LOVE her mood lighting.  I am always trying to recreate it in my office.

It's not actually wallpaper, it's contact paper from Target.

What a welcoming room!

She is seriously organized. 

Look at these adorable tissue box covers she made!

She's so crafty.
Look at these cute under water bubbles. A few years ago I shared w/her one of my fav Julia Cook books "My Mouth is  Volcano" and so I am sure she will incorporate these into her blurting/self control lessons.

A parent helped her organize her non fiction section. 

Here is an example of her super organization. She has a label on each item.

Followed by a label under each item. She drew a "place holder" on butcher paper on each shelf so students know exactly where items go.

Followed by a color picture on the inside of each cabinet to show how the cabinet should look. I think those 1st grade parents will be really happy she's teaching her students some top notch cleaning routines

This is one of my fav. ideas for labels, because you can move the clips around all year and not have to worry about this sticking.

Outdoor rug from Target 
Our meeting area and a Qomo Quest board (wirelessly connects up to 64 devices).

Adorable bulletin board.

So much fun stuff going on.
I particularly like the repurposed oil pan next to the restrooms. 11 dollars, spray painted it. Using it for lunch count, attendance, and centers (word work)

Reading area. Oar curtain rods!

I adore her room.

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