Thursday, August 7, 2014

My office is coming together! #classroomsetup2014


I am broke and I ran out of border! So… I used paint chips to make my own. What do you think?

The color scheme is black, white, and bright green in my office this year.

Tried to make my shelves look fun this year.

I am obsessed with these jars for storage. Every time I am in Home Goods I get another one.

Books and bookmarks.

I attached a binder clip to each fabric box that says what the topics of the book are. It makes for easy organization.

Individual counseling area.

I hope it's cosy. I have a treat jar with kisses because you can't cry and eat chocolate. 

My happy books! All fun books about life being good.

Each year the PTA has a theme for their "Reflections" program and it becomes the decorating theme for teachers. This year the theme is "masterpieces"

It took a while to hot glue all those paint chips!

Small group area. The desk is covered in plastic so the entire thing is dry erase-able. 

Crayon storage.

I am loving book ends right now.

I covered the side of the filing cabinet with chalk contact paper and added to cups for chalk storage. This is in my play therapy area so the kids can draw on the side of the file cabinet.

Magnetic scrabble board made my an amazing friend.

I was going for grown up and kid friendly in one.

For a little something extra I found these wall flowers at the Family Dollar for $3.

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