Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Helping With Jealousy

With field days and contests upon us we have started talking about jealousy, pride, and self esteem.

I got to share a super fun book "Ping and Pong Are Best Friends Mostly."
It's about two friends (Ping and Pong) and one of the friends Pong is better at everything than Ping. It's a great way to introduce the feeling of jealousy. When I asked the 1/2nd grade students how Ping must be feeling, many said mad or sad, but none could identify the feeling of jealousy. When I asked by students why he was having those feelings, many said because Pong was bragging. As you will notice in the book Pong doesn't brag. In fact he's a good friend that just happens to be better. This lead to a very interesting discussion!!!

I love the book so much I made a TPT packet for you.


I love the book "Ping and Pong Are Best Friends (Mostly) to discuss feelings of jealousy. I created this packet for small groups, individuals, or classroom lessons. It can be used for feelings of rivalry between peers or siblings. The packet includes: 6 versions of Venn Diagrams to compare characters, students, and siblings, 2 self esteem pages where students write/draw about what they are good at, 2 feeling and strategy pages, a problem solving page.

*please excuse that it prints out a few blank pages. No matter what I do it won't delete them =/

Not soon after I started this lesson I got a request for help with sibling rivalry so I added some sibling questions and pages to my packet. 

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