Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Perseverance as summer approaches!

This time of year is all about testing, field days, and more testing. I know this time of year I start to lapse on my training with Brooklyn and the dogs get away with a lot.

This time of year I love to do lessons on perseverance (although I still need spell check to help me with that word after many years of teaching.). My favorite book this time of year is "The Three Ninja Pigs" by Corey Rosen Schwartz. I love it so much I've blogged about it many times . I love it so much that I created a packet designed to help teachers and counselors tie it into testing, perseverance/resiliency , team work, problem solving, cultural appreciation, and of course CCSS.  Also, you can connect this book to bullying (link at the end of the blog post).

So here is my latest packet for a book you all NEED to have on your book shelves:

40 vocabulary cards- use the cards to help students learn new vocabulary found in the book to use for a review or a game to help learn new words.

28 Quiz Quiz Trade Game cards- use these cards for a review/discussion game that helps enhance team work.
QQT game instructions

Reading Discussion Questions- these guided reading questions will help you discuss perseverance, problem solving, team work, and determination as you read the book. There are questions for before, during, and after reading.

3 Persistence pages- use these brainstorming organizers to help create lists of ways students can show perseverance at school and at home. Students can use the blank chart to draw or write in their own ideas and to help differentiate for your non-readers/etc. you can use the pre filled in sheets by simply having the students circle or cross out ideas. 

3 Comic strips- have the students create a comic strip about persistence. Two of the pages have words and a story and the students can simply add in illustrations and/or fill in speech bubbles. There is a blank story so students can create their own as well.

*Picture frame- have students draw their own perseverance pig. They can decorate him anyway that represents an area they want to persevere at.

*An additional resource page for links to more teacher activity guides, color pages, and more.

For more FREE resources for teachers check out, including ways to connect this book to bullying and coloring pages:

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