Thursday, March 26, 2015

Testing TIme

It's that time of year! Testing time.
Here is what I am doing to help our students and families prep for testing this year:

Class Lessons

3rd Grade- Since this is their first year taking it, we are doing test preparation.

We read "The Big Test" (or "Testing Miss Malarkey") and discussed the strategies in the book. Then we practiced in our class.
Visit TPT for the test taking version.

We completing the "teat taking" gold pot activity by the amazing Savvy School Counselor. Get yours here:

Then if time allowed we practiced relaxing, just like the students in the book did. We did a Go Noodle, but you can also have them practice 5-star breathing.

4th Grade- We addressed perseverance and not giving up. We talked about ways we show perseverance at home, at school, and on "the test." We read my favorite book on this topic "The Three Ninja Pigs" and then students drew a Ninja Pig that represented something they wanted to practice, persevere and get better at. We then took turns guessing what each persons pig represented. On the back of the pigs I had a copy of the Scholastic word search (for my speed racers.)

The amazing author, Corey Rosen Schwartz, sent me this super cool "Ninja in Training" stickers. I gave them out to my most behaved students.

Read more about this lesson here:

5th Grade- I did a two part lesson for 5th grade.

1st Lesson- we focused on managing our stress.
First, we watched a Brain Pop on stress.  Next, we practiced reducing our stress.
I set up three stations  (at 6 tables) that our students circulated through.  Here were the stations:

Station 1- play dough for students to mold and make whatever they wanted.

Station 2- Activity sheets and Problem/Solution Charts from the Brain Pop or read a book on stress. I laid out books on relaxing, stress, test taking tips, etc. I am a book hoarder so it wasn't hard between my library and our school library to get enough books.

Station 3- color doodle sheets found here:

I put on relaxing music and after about 5 min. at each station we scooted or switched to the next station.

Exit ticket- students had to tell me what activity or tip they learned that helped them relax the most and why.

Lesson 2- We talked about ways we can reduce stress by preparing for tests. I combined a couple of my favorite "test taking" ideas.
My art teacher drew the controller for me!

We used our "game controllers" to make a graphic organizer/picture of different test taking tips that I got from Savvy School Counselor here

If time allowed we played a roll and respond game I created for student and parents. Get your copy here 

All of the students took home a "test taking tips" brochure for their parents and I will be hosting a parent workshop soon so look for that post.

Read more about testing here.

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