Friday, September 25, 2015

Asking for help

Why is it the lessons I plan and plan go well, but the last minute lessons go great. Here was a last minute lesson I did with 4th grade on asking for help. It went over like gangbusters. 


I love this video for asking for team work, but it worked perfect for this as well.

Next we watched the BrainPop on asking for help.

At the end we did the graphic organizer. 

First we used the dogs as an example:
Whom can you ask for help- your brother
What are some ways to ask for help- bark at them
When might you need help- when he pulled it out at the pool
Why was it a good idea- it was heavy and it could have hurt his teeth
How can you make asking for help easier- practice

Then they did it alone and we discussed it as a group.

We finished by reading about my favorite canine counselor who has lots of dogs asking for help- "Help Me Mr. Mutt."

If we had more time I would have had them write me a letter asking for help or just share something they would like to share with me. 

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