Saturday, January 30, 2016

My latest book splurge

"I'll just go to McKay's for one specific thing" and 89 books later..... Target and bookstores are without a doubt my weakness. Lucky for my students I picked up a few great books.

The "One" book I came for - no pun intended.

I LOVE this book. I love it so much it's our character education book of the month. Each month a "mystery reader" films themselves reading the book and the kids get to watch it and guess who it is. I think someone gave me away as the mystery reader this month. Check her out here:

My book splurge didn't end with "One" book though. Here's what else I picked up.

So I picked up:

Here's the Amazon description: "Mutt Dog is brave and fast and gentle and loyal and smart, but he's also hungry, and he doesn't have a home. Then one day his luck changes, and he at last finds a family--and a cozy, loving place to belong."

How I plan on using: I love this book to talk about fitting in, finding a home, and caring for others. 

"Just the message overscheduled families need in today's frantic world . . . delivered with humor and terrific artwork." — John de Graaf, national coordinator, Take Back Your Time

How I plan to use: to talk about scheduling, organization, work habits, and doing your personal best.

"New York Times bestselling author Melissa Gilbert makes her picture book debut with this fetching story about a shy little girl and her spunky dog, Josephine!" -

How I plan on using: to address shyness, friendship, loneliness, perseverance, and more

Check out this amazing description from Amazon: 
"Martha has a new favorite word.
And that word is MINE!
Martha has officially mastered apologizing. Unfortunately, she still has a lot to work on when it comes to sharing. And while she doesn't learn to love it, she does discover that having her toys to herself means having to play with them all by herself, too. Not so fun! 
This hilarious follow-up to Martha doesn't say sorry! shows readers that sharing isn't all that bad when you take it one (small) toy at a time--like Martha does. It gets easier every day. Well, almost every day."

I bet you can guess what topic I will use this book for!

This is such a sweet story about a mother's dream for their child.

How I plan on using: I am going to let my teachers borrow for morning meeting and talk about their dream for their students. 

I can't get enough of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, so it's so surprise I scooped this book up. This is a story about believing and imagination.

How I plan on using: to talk to kids about their dreams.

"A New York Times bestseller!
Some books are about a single wish. Some books are about three wishes. The infallible team of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld have combined their extraordinary talents to create this exuberant book of endless good wishes. Wishes for curiosity and wonder, for friendship and strength, laughter and peace."- Amazon

How I plan on using: asking my students what three wishes they have for themselves, their class, the world, etc.

"The amazing true story of the orphaned baby hippo and 130-year-old giant turtle whose remarkable friendship touched millions around the world."
How I plan on using: I plan on adding this to a wonderful lesson I already do about unlikely friendships.

A Newberry Winner that uses rhymes to talk about becoming anything you want to be.
How I plan to use: a great addition to any career lesson.

A fun book for students about temper, anger management, and redirecting your frustrations to something humorous. I already have this, but I picked up a personal copy because it's a must for any counselor book shelf.

How I plan to use: for my anger small groups

"Stewart the monster is back, and he has big news: He's going camping in five days! But if he could just change the clocks, build a time machine, or make this book move faster, he could go camping NOW. Of course, Stewart's parents know that good things come to those who wait – and eventually Stewart will learn that, too." - Amazon
How I plan on using: for individual students and class lessons on patience. Perfect for K-2.

Who doesn't love David Catrow. "Ever since their baby sister came along, Alex has been forced to share a room with his little brother, Ethan, and it's a nightmare. Ethan always breaks stuff, snores like a walrus, and sticks crayons up his nose. No hardworking, well-behaved, practically grown-up boy like Alex should have to put up with that!"

How I plan on using: to talk about changes, flexibility, sharing, sibling rivalry, etc. 

I've been doing a lot of book clubs lately, so I was so excited to find 4 copies of "See You Later, Procrastinator!" for 75 cents each. This will make a great book for a study skills small group.

Lots of great finds.

Lots of books for my students to read when they are done with work in class. Since my SMART/Closing the Gap plans are centered around helping improve reading scores I always try to find some time for my students to relax and read.

Books for individual students so check out or read with me.

Books to read in class and for book giveaways.

I have a new ESL student I picked up some titles for as she adjusts. I am excited about I Hate English.

Of course I picked up some titles for me!

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