Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back To School Book Wish List

How I plan on using it:
*Collaboration with our school librarian and teachers for non fiction research. I got this idea from Sarah Svarda, librarian genius. She had her students research about an animal and then write a script before they used Chatterpix to make a fun recording about what they had learned.  You can read all about it here. She also had one of our friends, C Jayne Teach, write about about a similar lesson, where the students used persuasive writing to talk themselves into liking certain creatures. I am going to try and collaborate in a similar way, but with a career focused twist.

*One of Sarah's students branched outside the box and created this amazing Chatterpix. So here is my prompt for students. After researching your animal, what job should/would they have if they were human and why? Or, what job should they not have or why? They need to talk about skills, talents, hobbies, interests of the animal and connect it to that career. For example, social animals might make great helpers. Animals that run a lot might not want to work in schools, but would make a great police officer.

Read all about this amazing book here: http://www.upworthy.com/this-adorable-kids-book-lets-boys-know-tough-guys-have-feelings-too

How I plan on using: in my boys small groups, morning meetings with boys, and even in classroom guidance. 

How I plan on using it: Connect, compare, and contrast with When Pigasso Met Mootisse. Then partner students to create a friendship Venn Diagram.  Here is a great lesson idea.

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