Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oops I went book shopping.

Oops I did a little bit of book shopping today! Here's a sample of what I got:

The Black Book of Colors

I love the sensory text and how it also incorporates braille. What a great way to introduce what it is like for students to be blind and awareness of differences. I think my special education teachers are going to love it.


What do you do when you get a kite stuck in a tree? What do you do when you have a problem that needs to be solved?  I love this book for problem solving. 

I love this book for kids to imagine what it would be like if there were a bear. What a fun way to introduce empathy! I love this idea of having kids research nonfiction animals and then create a video of what that animal would do if there were human with a career. 

I love that this story covers so many things. You can use it to talk about the real Ron McNair and his journey in becoming an astronaut to focus on the non fiction elements. You can also use it to talk about tolerance, perseverance, or career interests. It really is a book you can pull out and use for so many topics it's a great book to have on the book shelf. 
This book is so fun. You could talk use it as a fun to way to introduce lessons on safety (running down the stairs causes E to fall), tattle vs. telling (E is hurt should be tell?), teachers could borrow it to talk about the letter "e", you could talk about friendship (when all E's friends come to help him feel better), and even how everyone on a team is important (how 'e' is used in the English language.)

I once had a student make me a poster based on the illustration of this book. I loved it. How fun would it be for students to do make their own version- "How friends really work" (as written by Sheldon Cooper) or "How could students work" etc. 

This is a great book to talk to students about a tough feeling.  Perfect for young students and students on the spectrum. 

A fun book to talk about hygiene and loving someone even when their breath stinks. 

Do you have a students who really really really wants something, only to get it and they don't want it anymore? This book is for you. I think this would be fun for jealousy (always wanting what someone else wants), patience, and thinking big decisions through. 

I love this story because it reminds me of the "Who Would Win" series. I do a how would win type lesson for careers- who should get paid more? The kids enjoy it. This will be fun to read with them. I also love the dialogue in this book and having the kids figure out how the characters are feeling as the story continues. 

This is such a fun book. I love all the different topics you can use it for. Believing in your dreams (even if you are a pig that wants to fly), not giving up, asking for help, encouraging others, being a good friend, and more. I also love these books are perfect for students to do as readers theaters to practice taking turns.

I'm going to focus on improving attendance this year, so I can't wait to use this funny book about being at school on time.  Plus it's written by Steve Martin and comes with a fun cd and sing along for large classrooms. Maybe I can collaborate with our music teacher?!

I love this book for our ESL students. I can't wait to share with them. I also think it would be fun to have everyone create their own "dim sum" and share what they would enjoy eating as a fun get to know you ice breaker. 

This is going to be a great resource for my teachers, because they can use it to talk about math and some counseling topics. Zero doesn't fit in, don't lots of our students feel that way? That's not stoping him from being a hero. Love that persistence theme. However, thanks to multiplication now people are scared of him. Not for long though, life isn't the same without him. This book is full of friendship, adventure, and math.

Perfect to share my love of reading and kick of reading events in our school.

Who doesn't love Kate DiCamillo? This books looks like, but it's honestly a quick read. It would be so fun to talk about what goal the kids have for the year and who can help them accomplish it. Also, I wonder what world record my students want to break?

This book is too long to read in a class setting, but I love that my students could read after our lesson during free read time or my teachers could check out for their students to browse. It's a perfect non fiction resource book about friendship. 

I think my teachers and I are going to love reading this to our students. What a fun non fiction resource to address bullying. 

This would be a fun book to add to my lessons on honesty:
I also love using ninja books, I don't know a kids who doesn't love ninja's. What I love about this is that our main character is telling the truth the whole time, but his parents won't believe him. How frustrating! So not only can I use it to talk about honesty, but also feelings. I just got these amazing worry ninja cards ( from School Counseling Files that I could use along with the book.

The perfect book for introducing good character traits and kick off the year. What does Amy Krouse Rosenthal write that I don't love?

Our PBIS team will soon tackle bus behavior so this will be a great resource.

The perfect book for introducing good character traits and kick off the year. It's also a wonderful way to connect why practicing good character now, helps you in your future.

What a fun book to read about sharing. My kids K-5 will love it. 

Not only is this a fun book to talk about life long friends, I like it for grief as well. I love the overall message that those you love are always with you. 

I can't wait for our Indian American students to see this book. It's going to be a great way for them to share their culture with us. 

Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs

I can't wait to share this resource with our teachers. I often have students that aren't able to complete homework so I can't wait to learn more ways to differentiate expectations in and out of the classroom. 

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