Saturday, February 3, 2018


It's NSCW again!
I'm a little behind this year due to a illness, snow days, and a never ending to do list. Here's a little sample of how we are celebrating!

Sharing - I always put together a newsletter with a little info. about why we celebrate, what school counselors do, and different challenges for the week.

Challenges- Each year I challenge my classes to participate not only with the ASCA signs, but also with trivia challenges along with the way. My questions this year were about stars and me, but they can also be about your role. One year I asked students questions that reviewed what we had been learning in class. For example - what are the 2 times we tell an adult (the 2D rule)? (answer: when something is dangerous of destructive).

Mystery Reader- Mystery reader videos are so fun. My teachers and staff read a book, but hide their face. We upload videos onto our announcement system Canvas for teachers to watch when time allows. If the class can guess the reader they win a prize. See an example of my amazing music teacher here:

This week I am the mystery reader and I read I Wish You More!

Teacher gifts:  I totally stole my idea from this great blog:

Visit this page as I continue to update what I am doing as the week progresses!

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