Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Minute Meetings

Do you use minute meetings?

Minute meetings are a quick simple way to meet your students. Ideally, you can use your minute meetings as a quick introduction and to gather data on needs. The goal is to meet with every student (yes I know that's a lot) for 2-4 minutes, learn about them, and take a survey on how you can meet their needs.

I say ideally, because even though they are designed to only take a few minutes, it can be challenging to see every student. I really enjoyed the School Counselor Files blog about her experience with minute meetings.

Here are some of my ideas on making minute meetings work:

Use technology! I've created this Google form that is ready to go on my iPad. As you visit with each student you (or the student depending on age) can quickly fill it out. There's also a spot for follow up- which allows you to identify students that need more than a minute.

Don't go far. Have your minute meetings in a location close to the classroom for efficiency.

Image result for clockPick a good time. Even though you are asking teachers to do this just once a year, it can still be difficult to coordinate allowing students to step into the hallway. Try to pick a time that the teachers won't mind, like a rainy day in door recess.

Have a list of students ready to go. As you visit with each student check their name off the roll and ask the next student to visit. This helps you track who you have seen and not seen.

Image result for lunch bunchLunch bunch it! Invite students in groups to eat lunch with you and have them take the survey then, or go to the cafeteria and visit with students. You could even set up a counselor in the cafe table and encourage students to visit you, take the survey, and maybe even enter to win a door prize. Ask the teacher if he/she would be willing to let students eat lunch in the room that day and you go to them! Students could play cooperative games, engage in conversation starters, or even watch a movie while you are doing your meetings.

Flip your minute meeting. Have teachers share a video or powerpoint introducing the counselor and the meeting expectations before hand (check out this Prezi example). Teachers could share this quick video/presentation during a morning meeting or in English class. You could also share it on the daily news. Why? This helps you give students a pre understanding of what you are about to do. It cuts down on time to explain the process and for new students it also helps you introduce yourself. I heard Erin Mason and  Franciene Sabens talk about flipping your lessons and it's a game changer. Learn more about flipping lessons by clicking here. 
Image result for flip lesson

Share your ideas! If you have a minute meeting story of success share it in the comments!
You can also visit and JYJoyner for more ideas!

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