Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogging Bandwagon

Lions and tigers and blogs oh my!

Recently I seemed to notice (or finally open my eyes to) the number of people blogging out there in cyberspace.  Between friends and Pinterest I found many blogs I love following! When I searched for counseling specific blogs I hit a dry spell, hence why I started this blog.  I hope it will be a great way for counselors to share ideas, lessons, and inspire each other.

As much as I love reading blogs, I was terrible about remembering to go to them after I bookmarked them. Then the genius E. Shepherd introduced me to Google Reader. Google has an incredible amount of tools, some of which I think are hidden treasures. Google Reader is one of them. If you haven't used it before I suggest you start now. Simply go to Google's home page and on the find it on the top tool bar under "more." On the right side of the page you will see a "Subscribe" button. Just copy/paste the link to your favorite blogs into the subscription button and viola you are set. There are ways to organize into folders, but I am still not an expert at this. Now every time I go to my Google homepage it shows me when a blog has been updated. Go ahead- practice- add me!

Here are a few blogs I have on my Google Reader: - A wonderful, cute counseling blog. I adore it. Created by a co-worker, I love getting my fashion fix from the most stylish teacher I know. I hope my blog can look and be as classy as this one day. When I feel like getting crafty, and by that I mean reading about others craft projects. Written by a dear friend, this is a perfect blog for teachers and counselors alike. Need creative ideas that encourage students to write? Visit this blog. As we all know writing can be very therapeutic and I often ask teachers to share student's writing with me. Learn great ways to encourage writing, instead of giving them a blank journal. Planning a party- you'll love this blog.

Do you have a blog? Leave a comment and share your blog with us.

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