Monday, June 11, 2012

Update On A Classic: The Motivational Poster

Do you have co-worker you love, adore, and admire? One that is always teaching you things and sharing amazing websites with you? I do- her name is Elizabeth Shepherd! I am sure I will reference her hundreds of times as I start blogging. She is after all the person that encouraged me to start blogging and literally taught me the basics at her kitchen table.

Well, the amazing know-it-all (in a very good way) shared the following website with me: I was hooked instantly because there are so many cool things you can make. One of my favorites are the custom motivational posters (

I am slightly, a little bit, well actually a lot obsessed with How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). When I worked at a high school I had Barney's "Awesomeness" poster hanging above my desk. I loved it, the students loved it, it was a great ice breaker. When I moved to elementary the poster went into my guest bedroom where I still look at it regularly for a pick me up and a good laugh.

So with this as my inspiration I attempted to make my own personalized motivational posters. That adorable pup you see is my girl Brooklyn, who you will see and hear about a lot! Here are my first attempts. 

I am still struggling to come up with any as funny as Barney, so feel free to comment with your own ideas and make my sad attempts funny!

 How cool would it be for your student's to see their pictures and maybe even their own quotes on a motivational poster? Talk about taking a cheesy classic up a notch.

Oh and for all you HIMYM lovers enjoy:


  1. Yeah! Brutus made it to your blog! I like your idea of creating posters with our children on them!

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