Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Safety Resources

From dogs at the park to a friends new puppy, student's will inevitably come in connect with a dog. Would your students know what to do if a stray dog ran onto the playground?

Teaching our student's to treat animals properly is just as important as teaching them how to teach their classmates with respect.  It's a lesson I teach every year and I am proud I do. The summer has given me lots of free time to play around online and find lots of fun new resources I can't wait to use and lots of them are FREE!

Dr. Sophia Yin, veterinarian and behavior specialist, has some wonderful and colorful resources.
Parents should watch the Dog Bite Prevention PSA and share it with fellow parents. Once the PSA reaches 20,000 views on YouTube, we will release a FREE educational, kid-friendly, animated video on how to greet dogs correctly.

I love the way she compares the similarities between interacting with people and with dogs. We wouldn't let our students run up to complete strangers, so why would we let them run up to a strange dog without asking?

Appropriate and inappropriate greetings: Although you’ve probably heard that you should greet dogs by letting them sniff your hand, reaching out to their face is actually pretty rude, especially if you’re facing them or staring. Imagine if someone was standing near you and they reached a hand out towards you. It’s best to let the dog approach at his own rate and avoid putting pressure on him by reaching out.

You can download the How To Greet A Dog poster FREE!

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Here are more free posters available for download:
Body Language of Fear in Dogs Poster- I want to compare how body language in dogs is similar to humans. What a great social skills lesson for all of students.  I think it will be fun to compare and contrast body language and greetings in dogs and humans with the two posters above. After we discuss them we can practice the skills on each other and if my dog trainer can come back this year we might even be able to practice on a real dog.

More FREE posters!

Kids and Dogs Posters:

Lili Chin has done some amazing graphic arts and a few of her masterpieces are also free for download. To view and download (FOR FREE!) large high-resolution versions of the posters below, visit
I love Lili's work and I am going to have save my money to get a portrait of Brooklyn done. 

My favorite poster is "How Not To Greet A Dog". There is a kid-friendly version available on Zazzle for purchase. I can already feel my room account slipping away!

For all of you Kindle users Lili Chin and Dr. Yin have partnered to created an adorable book that is only $0.99 for the Kindle. I plan to share this with my parents since I know many of them are e-book lovers.
How to Greet a Dog and What to AvoidThis book may seem simplistic to some, but for our young students I think it's perfect. They need clear "rules" on how to greet a dog and I think it's easy for younger students to understand. Additionally, as a dog owner I can't tell you how many adults don't know these simple rules. We are working hard to teach Brooklyn not to jump and yet people still try to pet her without asking or say "it's ok I don't mind" when I tell them to ignore her or turn their back to her if she jumps and licks. You might not mind, but I have spent hundreds of dollars on training so help a girl out.

So there you have it more free resources for a dog safety lesson, so I hope each of you plan to incorporate it into your lesson plans.

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