Monday, August 13, 2012

Is It Bad When The Counselor Needs A Counselor?

Every year at some point I will find myself overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and unable to comprehend the fact I can't retire at thirty. We have been back at school for two weeks and I am already finding myself at this point. Unable to sleep, tossing and turning in bed, daydreaming in depth about arguments I will have with people (that mostly only happen in my head), and imagining the intense speeches I will give these said people (but that in real life never come out quite as eloquent or "Good Will Hunting"-like as I imagined it), I am exhausted and awake all at the same time. In fact I start this entry at 3:18am.

It's not all school stressing me out this year. Starting in May I have had five leaks, which turns out is really two big ones and now I am looking at having to find a new place to stay while they figure this next leak out. It means my living room is soaked, but worse it smells like stale, hot, mildlew-y air. It's one of many things that just isn't going right. So this entry is about my counselor, well not really. It's about the things that are going right, right now that I love. These things are helping me through:

"The Newsroom"- If you liked "West Wing" and aren't watching this you are going to kick yourself. The writing is incredible- fast, witty, and thought provoking. I couldn't fight back the tears during the Gabriel Gifford's episode. Watch it- HBO Sundays at 10 pm.

Two Pitties in the City
Pitties In The City- Do you know I love Pit bulls? =) Well, I love this blog too. It's adorable and fun to read. I love that the writers test their dogs on the street by pretending to be a stranger just to see if they will react. I giggle, because I wonder what Brooklyn would do. I feel confidant if we were at a park and I was calling her while someone else stood total silent with peanut butter in his/her hand, Brooklyn would go straight for the butters.

Brooklyn- Of course she made the list. I mean she does love me unconditionally.

Forgotten Fidget-Never. Really. Never. Fidget would never let me forget her or that she is the boss. I often wake up with her smothering me by sitting on my face and purring so loud it could wake up the neighbors. Only a cat would purr with excitement while smothering their owner.


My Friends - I may be close to homeless, but I have amazing friends that have housed me, fed me, gone through a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped and Diet Dr. Pepper with me, laughed with me and at me, and been there for lengthy venting sessions. I love them.

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  1. It is not bad, because a man don't know all things. But some times students fix the mind about the college counselor is not well.