Monday, August 6, 2012

The Other Leaders of Our Pack

There is no doubt that our connection with parents is vital. It's a delicate balance of telling them what they need to hear and what they want to hear. So I find it helpful to get to know my parents through "fun" ways.

Last year I held a parent book club each month, and this year I will host a book swap each month. We will meet, share great titles, discuss ideas, and bond. I can't wait. So this summer I collected lots of books and resources. From "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" to "Look Me In The Eye" we have a variety of nonfiction, fiction, self help, workbooks, handouts, flyers and magazines.

The best part is I spent $10 on over 50 books. First, I hit up garage sales and second, our library had a wonderful sale where we could fill a paper bag for $5 (I loaded it to the top).

I know when I got Brooklyn I read and read and read. We train, we practice, and still we read. I kept thinking- "if only I had some of these books before hand (i.e. crate training)". So some of my books are focused on the dreaded teenage years and even preparing for college. I must admit I am pretty proud so I hope my parents enjoy the new library.

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