Thursday, November 15, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is actually an entry about time, and when I thought of time I thought of Alice In Wonderland.

Here are my current favorite timers. I use these in small groups, in the classroom, and for individual students that have trouble staying on task.

Timer Tools- This software is loaded on my computer so I can easily pull it up on the SmartBoard. There are a variety of clocks; a countdown timer, hourglass timer, stop watch, and spot light timer are among the many.

Visual Timer-  One of our students with Autism had this one day and I fell in love. On a whim I asked our Central Office if I might have a few to check out to teachers and I got two! (Never hurts to ask right!) If I had a limitless budget I would get every teacher in my school one of these clocks. It runs on a battery and you can set it to however much time you are assigning to a project. The red it a nice visual for students about how much time they have and it disappears as their time decreases. I especially love the three sizes, the small is great to put on a students desk and the largest is perfect for the entire class to see.

Sand Timers- I love "old fashioned" sand timers. I have picked up a few on clearance at Kohls and stores such as TJ Maxx. I love them as decor as well as for practical use.

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