Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Play That Funky Music

I love incorporating music into my lessons, because I think it really sets the tone. So I have created several play lists for my classes.

My Current Playlist:
"Better Together"- Jack Johnson
"You Were Born"- Cloud Cult
"People Watching"- Jack Johnson
"Life Less Ordinary"- Carbon Leaf
"Let Your Troubles Roll By"- Carbon Leaf
"Safe and Sound"- Taylor Swift
"Mango Tree"-Agnus and Julia Stone
"The Wind"- Cat Stevens
"Shed Their Fear"-Yael Meyer
"Keep On Pushing"- The Impressions
"The Weight"- Aretha Franklin
"You Are The Best Thing"- Ray LaMontagne

Relaxing at the DSRR (My play list to encourage the kids to calm down and mellow. Perfect for the classes I see right after their recess.)
"Fairytale"-Enya (anything Enya is always on)
"Edwards Lullaby"- Twilight Soundtrack
"Dirty Rain"- Ryan Adams *for 6th grade and older
"Heartbeats"-Jose Gonzalez
"The Light"- The Album Leaf
"For You"- Coldplay
"Where The Road Meets The Sun"- Katie Herzig *for my middle and older kiddos
"Home"- Dierks Bentley

*Also one of my teachers shared this iTunes App for Relaxing Melodies.

Helping Hands Playlist
"With My Own Two Hands"- Jack Johnson
"You've Got A Friend In Me"- Toy Story Soundtrack
"We are Gunna Be Friends"- Jack Johnson

Get Energized Playlist
"Good People"- Jack Johnson
"Life Less Ordinary"- Carbon Leaf
"Harlem River Blues"- Justin Townes Earle
"Amazing Life"- Jem
'Pride and Joy"-Stevie Ray Vaughn
"Groove Is In The Heart"- Deee Lite
"Different People"- No Doubt
"Raise Up"- Ledisi *for my older hs students
"Stand Up"- Sugarland
"You've Got The Love"- Florence and The Machine
"Even Better"- U2
"We Take Care Of Our Own"- Bruce Springsteen

My favorite song to play for 1st and K- "Sharing Song" by Jack Johnson!

Here is a great Christmas play list created my one fun blogger I follow:  http://www.backdownsouth.com/2012/11/merry-music-monday-vol-5/

What music do you play? Share your favorite play list.

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