Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Banana Splits

I remember when I got Brooklyn she had a brother with her, and I was torn. One the one hand we thought we could only handle one and on the other we  didn't want to tear apart a family. The lady at the shelter reassured me saying, you are helping one and many people feel this way. If everyone didn't want to tear apart a family then they would always stay here.

As a child of divorce, my banana splits group always hits close to home. I wish I would have had a group like this. Here is how my banana splits group looks:

Our first group we do icebreakers and get to know you games, then in the following sessions we base  the group about the game "Splitsville."
 This is a super fun game that allows the kids to take turn creating banana splits, while answering questions about their feelings, changes that have happened, ways to relax, etc. Everyone in my group enjoys this game and I like the round table discussion that comes from it.

Last year I made banana splits at our last meeting, and although it was fun, it was messy and we didn't stay too focused. So this year we made paper banana splits, here's how they turned out. I love them.

Banana Split #1

Banana Split #2

A cherry with a positive message to themselves.

Banana Split #3

As we built our sundaes we discussed what each part of the sundae meant, based on the game. Here is a list of the pieces and what we wrote on each:

Bendable Banana: Write one thing that has changed since the divorce and how you dealt with it or a reminder to yourself to stay flexible.
Cool Down Ice Cream: 3 scoops; on each scoop write one way to relax.
Ooey Gooey Feelings (chocolate sauce): Name feelings you are having or have had since the divorce.
Nutty Nuts: Write down ways you can deal or things you can do when things get 'bumby."
Rainbow Sprinkles: Write down 3 great things that have happened: since the divorce, this month, this week.
Cheerful Cherry: Write a hopeful message to yourself.

One the back I put a picture of the banana split
and a picture of the cards with each rhyme and meaning.
For example: Ooey gooey feelings are normal inside.
So let them out and don't let them hide.


  1. I love this activity and plan on using it with my Banana Splits Groups! But, I noticed under the "Nutty Nuts" picture part of it is covered and wanted to make sure that it was only "Days are not perfect. Bumpy roads you may find" and not more to the quote. Thank you!

  2. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you, your comment got lost in my gmail. That is actually all of the quote the actual game uses, but I am sure you could make up more if you wanted.