Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Dog Bulletin

As part of my character education program each month I ask teachers to nominate a "top dog" in their class that  exemplified the word of the month. (Here is a list of my character education words:
 I honor those students by placing their names on a bulletin board for all to see and creating a "top dog" certificate. They love it! Next year my plan is to have the top dogs eat breakfast together to celebrate.

Our Student Council board in August

Look Whose Been Spotted

Each Paw Has A Child's Name Written On It - Our "Top Dogs"

Here are my nominations for my "Top Dogs."

Honesy- National Canine Research Council for providing an honest look at pit bulls and the media bias they face:

Respect- Todd Verhig- a wonderful trainer who commands respect even through a whisper.

Pride- Nville Pittie- who parade a pack of pits down the streets of Nashville with such pride.

Kindness- Linda Gregg, a wonderful trainer who is so patient with me as I ask a thousand questions. She volunteers her time to help others and without her I might not have a shoulder because Brooklyn (used to) pull(s) so much.

Responsibility- Animal Rescue Corps and the savors that helped save so many sweet innocent lives through Operation Broken Chain.

Courage- all the teachers, students, parents, counselors, and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary. There are no words that can ever truly capture how brave you are and how deeply saddened the country is for each of you.

Caring- To all the families that foster animals and keep them out of shelters, prevent them from a shortened life, and save these wonderful creatures by turning their house into chaos for an undetermined amount of time.

Cooperation/Teamwork- my co-workers. I love that we work together as a team for the good of our students, while constantly teasing each other. They give, they share, they cooperate, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

Generosity- When I had two angels left on my angel tree this year, I had a family reach into their wallets and on the spot provide resources to purchase dozens of toys and clothing items for these forgotten angels. They didn't hesitate for single second, their generosity was instant and amazing. I was speechless which doesn't happen often.

Fairness- for always presenting a fair look at what it means to be a pit bull.

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