Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't Be An Angry Bird Prt. 2

Here is a lesson I did last year on anger. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

                                                        Angry Bird Ball Toss

I downloaded this game on the SmartBoard Exchange. Students took turns throwing a stuffed angry bird at the game and depending on what color they hit they had to answer the question. If they got a question someone had already answered they had to make an additional comment or come up with a different answer.

Ball Toss Game

Sample Situation Question

Sample Question

Sample True or False Question

About a week ago my foster pup, Seven, got tangled up with another dog he just did not like. He ended up pretty beat up, but we faced our fears and with the help of two trainers we worked on the dogs getting along. The training session was a reminder that I had set both dogs up for failure. First, they were "introduced" in a busy, chaotic situation. Second, they ran up to each other using their eyes not their noses, their primary sense. Due to the fact they were not properly introduced, their first impression of each other was a bad one. Third, Seven is just a baby. He hasn't learned how to be around other dogs yet. He doesn't know how to greet a dog, play with them appropriately, or understand boundaries; it's my job to help teach him since his puppy mom isn't here to do it. The same goes with our students. First we had to practice how to deal with our anger in a safe place, in a safe manner. Second, we need to teach them social skills- how to spot anger in others and themselves and what to do next. It can be done! Here is Seven and Newt less than an hour after meeting each other the second time.

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  1. Wonderful idea!! Did you make up the questions yourself or did it come with the smartboard download???