Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Currently- I am getting to know you.

One of my favorite parts about Beg Borrow Steal is her "currently" idea.

From Beg Borrow Steal

I love this cute, quick activity for so many reasons. First, it's like a live journal. It would be so much fun to keep all of these in a journal to just flip through. Second, it's an idea just made for counselors to steal and use. Here's how I have used it:

* Use it as a talking point with individual students to help build report. It's a fun activity and you learn so much about their lives as they fill it out.

* Use it as an icebreaker with small groups. Have the students fill theres about at the beginning of a group and spend some time sharing their answers. It's a great way for them to get to know each other.

Students' sample sheet
*Use it as a "get to know you" for your larger groups. I enjoy having our new students fill it out so we can learn more about them, but I just used it for my old students too.

This is my sheet. Currently: listening- to the Harlem Shake so I can get my dance on,  loving- the warm weather and baby bunnies it brings, thinking- about a new project, wanting- to be outside with Brooklyn, needing- a new MAC for my projects, and advice- "wag more, bark less."

My B.I.O.N.I.C. team is amazing, but most of my school doesn't know much about the team so I wanted to share their awesomeness. I had the members fill out a sheet and we took their head shots. We then made a fun "get to know the team" bulletin board. Not only did we learn more about the team, but it's serving as a recruitment tool for others who want to make the team.

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