Monday, March 25, 2013

My Fav New Books

Tonight I got to hang out with two great ladies! I needed it and I had so much fun spending the night with coffee, chocolate, and books. It was fun to explore Barnes and Noble and catch up on cute books. Here are my two favorites:

First is "Flora The Flamingo." This word-less book has the most beautiful, artistic illustrations. As Shep pointed out it, it would make a wonderful animated short film. It's fun, sweet, and made me smile ear to ear.

Next I found "Stuck." This is a sweet story about a boy who get's his kite stuck in a tree and decides the best way to get it out is to throw things into the tree to shake it out. Of course each thing he throws in just gets stuck. I think this could be a fun story to discuss problem solving and if at first you don't succeed...throw a cat in a tree  (jk!)

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