Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prezi's- You Can Be Techy Too!

This week was the TN School Counseling and Administrators Institute, a wonderful conference I look forward to every year.
I learned lots, left with many ideas I can't wait to share, but my favorite breakout session was "I'm Techy And I Know It" hosted by the amazing Greene County team.

Here is why I loved this break out:

1) I actually have more tech knowledge than I thought or give myself credit for. For example, I was one of few people in the room who blogged (yay! and thanks for reading) and also one of the few people with a LiveBinder.

2) I went home and immediately used the info given. I updated my Pinterest site to match my website and brand. Visit it here:   and visit Nashville Pittie's page here:

3) It was practical, informative, and inspiring. While I don't have an iPad (yet) I left with many many ideas that I can do.

For example, do you know about Prezi's? I love it! It's like PowerPoint on crack (sorry but there is simply no other way to describe it's awesomeness.) I have created a few since Tuesday just for practice. I also love that you can download them as a PDF and search and share for other Prezi's (you know I love to beg, borrow, and steal!)
Do you have a Prezi to share? Share Share!! Here are mine thus far:

Middle School Transition (for a parent workshop I am hosting)
*note I am still building this one!

Pittie Please:

The Prezi that started it all:

Keep checking back as I update with more ideas I learned and implemented!

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  1. THANKS for the love, Sassy School Counselor!!! This makes my heart smile:) We will definitely be adding your awesome blog to our resource list! Stay tuned....we can't wait to share new ideas with fellow school counselors!