Friday, February 22, 2013

Sugary Self Esteem

Today I was stress eating donuts because I never got paid. I always reach for sugar when stressed, so isn't it funny that my self esteem group is called "The Cupcake Club."

Last semester I had a "Jelly Bean Self Esteem" group, and I have many repeat participants so I wanted something new. So I stole this the idea from "Elementary School Counseling". It's the perfect follow up to my Jelly Bean group.

First we read "Cupcake" a great story about a cute vanilla cupcake who feels out of place being just ole vanilla. Cupcake tries to become more exciting and ends up making a friend who loves cupcake for cupcake.

Next we started working on our "Cupcake Journals." Many of the pages I got from "Elementary School Counseling," and several others I drew by hand.

The cover of our journals. Students designed cupcakes that represented themselves.

I had paw print sprinkles, ooey gooey chocolate feelings, and lots of red (my hair is red) icing.

From "Elementary School Counseling".  I had the kids make sprinkles with words to describe why they are special.

Credit: "Elementary School Counseling."

Next, we read "One." This is an amazing book because there are so many discussions you can draw from it: bullying, being yourself, making a difference, etc. We used it to discuss being yourself and how  it's important to stand out and be yourself because it only takes one!

On this journal page I had them draw and write about how they have made a difference in their school and community.

I asked them to write and draw about one person that has inspired them. 

At our last meeting I asked them to bring in items that made them happy, represented who they are, etc. We created a special purse for them to put these items in and it became their special purse they would reach into when they felt bad. We also put our journals in the purse.

To go with my brand.

Lastly we finished with warm fuzzies, but I had the students glue a warm fuzzy on a page and write a short note to each of their group members.

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