Thursday, February 21, 2013


My little girl is spoiled, and I swear it's like she has no idea she is a rescue. Sometimes I giggle and look  at her and think about the fact that she doesn't know any different; she thinks the life of a puppy is sleeping, eating, playing, and loving.

I have an individual student I work with that does not know that life. She is your "at risk " kid in a nutshell. Well a few weeks ago we were talking about her birthday, which was amazing, but she kept focusing in on the fact that she didn't get what she wanted. Forget that her mom tried to throw her a party, they had a special dinner, I gave her a special Valentine, she didn't get what she wanted.

Then I happened across a pin on Pinterest which lead me to a great blog: " Jenny's Sketchbook." The author has amazing art talent and started her own gratitude journal. I loved looking at the colorful pages and since my kiddo loves art as well, I had an idea:  We would make her own gratitude journal!

I am not even remotely as talented artistically, but I started a few pages to get her thinking and left several blank for her own ideas. She is loving the discussion of gratitude as much as me.
What was interesting about this was how hard it was for her to think of words that described her.  
Great self esteem page!

For her to write about how she helps her school, family, community, friends, etc.

I added sayings for her to reflect on and then draw or write what they meant to her. 

Her teachers give her a lot of second chances I wanted her to take them time to recognize it. 

Another self esteem page about being yourself. 

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