Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Techy and I Know It Prt. 2

I may or may not have an iPad in my possession. Ok I do and I downloaded 15 free apps today alone. Here are some of my favorites:

Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too

This is an adorable story of a cute puppy and his many feelings. I love that many of the situations in the story are not "dog specific." For example he has friends that moves away or get's scolded. For parents you are even able to customize the story with the child's name.
I want to go into my K classes tomorrow just so I can show them this one. This has also reignited my desire to write a children's book about dogs. This one is especially meaningful for me this week since my foster Seven moved to a new foster home. Brooklyn has been pouting and moaning and won't leave the window. I think sometimes we forget that animals an grieve too.

Price: Free


What's Next- Success in School

I played this game with my study buddies small group today. It was a fun way to end our last session. It's a Jeopardy style game that asks questions about writing, goal setting, study skills, and college. There is also a career version. Warnings: The answers are pretty easy because they give you some goofy choices. So after the question I asked one of my own about the question that had just been asked. We had a short discussion between questions so I could see if they really grasped it. Second, because some of the questions are goofy one referenced beer (we moved quickly past it and kept going so it wasn't a huge deal.)
                                                Price: Free


This is a fun icebreaker that the girls of Greene County Schools told me about. I used it today in a small group for 3rd graders. Each student passed around the iPad and scanned her finger, read a tongue twister, and it told us her mood. The girls agreed it got it correct! I love that is ends with an open ended question about why they are feeling that way, it's a great "check in."

                                   Price: Free

Feel Electric!

Today I used this app with a student with Autism. It was a lot of fun, because he was very engaged.  The students log in and it's prompts them to find three words that describe how they are feeling. If a student doesn't understand a word they can click it for the definition.  There is a journal component where students can keep track of their feelings, but my favorite are the games. One game shows different faces and feelings and the student must find the feeling word that matches the face and shoot it towards the face like an old fair game. Also, it's a  2012 Parents' Choice Recommended. 

Price: Free

Emotions- last one, that I found on my iPad but can't seem to find it on the computer. Anyway, it's a very basic app that shows four real pictures of children and adults and says a feeling word. Students have to find the person that is having that feeling. I plan to use this one with my introduction lesson with K and then one on one with my students who need extra practice. 

Price: Free

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